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Groups Save Time

April 30, 2012

Excel spreadsheets can start small, but then turn into huge monsters. Company spreadsheets might contain tens or even hundreds of pages. Formatting a sprawling spreadsheet is difficult, but one way of saving some time is by grouping sheets. The grouping lets you automatically reproduce the formatting of one page of a spreadsheet to all the other pages.

For example, let’s say that you want to run a monthly budget over the course of one year. The easiest way to format twelve pages in the style you want would be to group all twelve and then format just one page. All formatting would be reproduced on the other eleven pages.

There are two ways to edit pages as a group. If you want to edit every page, right-click on any sheet tab and then click Select All Pages. All of the page tabs should be highlighted in white to indicate they’re being edited together. Alternatively, pick out selected sheets by clicking on them while pressing the Ctrl key. In either case, you should see “[Group]” now appear in the sheet’s name on the title bar.

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