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A student who accepts loans on their award notification will need to complete additional steps in order to receive their loan disbursement(s). The Federal Direct Loan application for students should be submitted on line as soon as you accept your loans. If the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS was recommended on your award letter, you may apply for this loan after July 1. You may increase the amount of the loan recommended on the award letter, but it cannot exceed the student cost of attendance.

Federal Unsubsidized Loan

  • Non-need based loan
  • Interest begins as soon as the loan is disbursed
  • The student may choose to make payments on the interest only while they are in school or choose to have the interest capitalized
  • Fixed interest rate of 6.8%
  • Origination 1% fee and 0.5% up-front interest rebate
  • Repayment on the principal begins six months after completing program of study or dropping below six credit hours

Federal Graduate PLUS Loan Program

  • Repayment on the principal and interest begins as soon as the loan is disbursed.
  • Fixed interest rate of 7.9%
  • Origination 4% fee with 1.5% up-front interest rebate
  • The student must pass a credit check to qualify for a PLUS Loan.
  • Maximum amount that may be borrowed is the student's cost of attendance less other estimated financial aid.

Visit to learn more about the Federal Direct Loan Programs.

The following steps must be completed to receive your Direct Loans

Federal Direct Loan

  • Complete the loan entrance counseling interview
  • Complete the master promissory note for direct loan

Federal Direct PLUS Loan Program for Parents and Graduate Students

  • Graduate students complete the PLUS application for credit
  • Graduate students need to complete the Loan entrance counseling for the PLUS loan
  • Graduate students with approved credit need to complete the master promissory note