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UC School of Pharmacy and Healthcare Professional Schools Awarded Grant

Release Date:  Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Charleston,WV  - The University of Charleston School of Pharmacy and Healthcare professional schools sought and were awarded a $30,000 grant from the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission to examine the factors that might influence current West Virginia rising high school juniors, residing in southern West Virginia, to pursue their education beyond high school, and to expose them to the tremendous rewards of pursuing health care careers.

The impetus for seeking the grant was based on a work force demand analysis document released from the West Virginia Rural Health Association, entitled Health Care in West Virginia. The analysis examined the needs of the West Virginia population in relation to the health care work force in the state.  The document concluded that presently a shortage of 487 primary care physicians in West Virginia exists, which translates into $430 million in lost revenue and 11,000 lost jobs for West Virginia.  The shortage is especially significant in southern West Virginia.

Research indicates people from rural areas, who pursue health care careers, return to rural areas to work upon completion of their education.

In addition to using survey methodologies for this project, the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy, Physician Assistant and Nursing programs will host a week-long Health Care Enrichment camp the week of June 22, 2014 that will expose dozens of rising high school juniors from southern West Virginia to various health care professions.  The camp will provide students with knowledge and active learning opportunities from health professions such as pharmacy, family medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, nursing, and radiological sciences. 

Dr. David Latif, UCOSP Professor and Chair of the UC West Virginia Rural Healthcare Grant Committee stated “Part of our mission is “to serve the community as leaders in rural health.”  We feel honored and excited that we are doing this because we truly want to make a positive impact on the citizens of southern West Virginia.”


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