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School of Business Announces New Executive MBA Concentration

Release Date:  Thursday, October 20, 2011

Charleston, W.Va. – University of Charleston School of Business Dean Charles Stebbins today announced the launch of a new venture: the Executive Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Management (EMBA-PHM), which will begin classes in January 2012.
“Our Executive MBA program has been very popular with Charleston-area professionals who have been serving in the business world and found that they would benefit from advanced education while remaining on their jobs,” said Dr. Stebbins. “We have been considering tailoring portions of the EMBA program to better serve professionals in a variety of business areas. We feel this new concentration fills a distinct need in the Charleston area with its abundance of pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals.”
This innovative EMBA concentration will take advantage of faculty in both the UC Schools of Business and Pharmacy to give candidates insight into the intricacies of a constantly changing economic and healthcare world. The EMBA-PHM is intended to serve the needs of employees who currently occupy or aspire to achieve advanced positions in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and government institutions, health insurance companies, policymaking or stakeholder relations, among others.

Demand is on the rise for degrees such as the EMBA-PHM. According to the United States Department of Labor Statistics, the medical and health service management fields are expected to grow 16 percent (over 45,000 jobs) between 2008 and 2018, or faster than average for all occupations.

“By emphasizing the economic, marketing, and management aspects of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, a concentration in PHM gives the candidate a significant advantage in career advancement opportunities and options,” said EMBA-PHM and UC School of Pharmacy professor Dr. David Latif.

Like the University’s traditional EMBA designed for experienced executives, the EMBA-PHM is intended for business executives, middle managers, or those who aspire to become managers in a healthcare/pharmaceutical organization. This program will be broken into five modules that allow candidates to graduate in just 14 months, while continuing to work full time. Candidates in the EMBA-PHM concentration will take the same first three modules as the original EMBA program (Organization & Structure; Foundations of Business; Analysis & Interpretation of Data), but will split off into healthcare specific modules for the final two modules (Pharmaceutical Marketing & Pharmacoeconomics, and Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Management & Economics).

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