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Snodgrass Awarded Incentive Grant

Release Date:  Friday, February 15, 2013

Dr. Brittany Snodgrass, UCSOP Class of 2012, has been awarded a $1,000.00 APhA foundation Incentive Grant.  Dr. Snodgrass is currently a post graduate year 1 community pharmacy resident at Fruth Pharmacy in Point Pleasant, WV.  (The residency is a partnership between UC School of Pharmacy and Fruth Pharmacy.)  A requirement of the PGY-1 residency is to complete a research project.  Dr. Snodgrass identified a need for medication counseling following hospital discharge after a discussion with the hospital pharmacy administration.  She will contact patients one week after discharge from Pleasant Valley Hospital (Point Pleasant, WV) to review any changes in their medications. She will send patients a survey and a new medication list after she counsels them.  The goal of the project is to determine the impact of pharmacist conducted medication review follow-up within one week after hospital discharge on readmission rates and detection of drug related problems.  The grant will cover expenses associated with the project as well as for Dr. Snodgrass to present her findings at Eastern States Conference in May 2013.

Dr. Michelle Easton, Dean, UC School of Pharmacy, said “Dr. Snodgrass has paved the way for future post graduate community pharmacy residents to excel in the area of seeking extra funding.   She is demonstrating the value that community pharmacists bring to the healthcare environment-beyond the traditional “lick, stick and pour” activities that are the hallmark of distributive pharmacy.  We anticipate the outcome of her research will show the important role that pharmacy led medication management plays in reducing readmission rates to hospital.”


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