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Branding Toolbox & Templates


These University of Charleston logotypes are high resolution .jpg images for use on University promotional materials. For information on how to use the logos properly, please see the UC Branding Manual. These logotypes may only be expanded to 4” x 6.” If you need a larger file, please contact the Office of Communications.

Email Signature

UC Email Signature

UC Email Signature High Resolution

Letterhead Template

Resizing the Image 

To resize the image, click on the picture and then one of the corner points of the picture box. Always resize the image from the corner so as not to distort the image.

Branded PowerPoint Templates 

Click on Logo Image File to Download 

  University of Charleston    
 3rd-Tower-Logo   3rd-tower-logo-black 
 toweruc   bw-toweruc 
 SOP-Logo   SOP-Logo-black 
 moharvuc   bw-moharvuc 
 UC   bw-uc