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Student Testimonials

Current Students

“Coming into university I wasn't sure what I wanted from a degree stand point. Quickly after starting my career at the University of Charleston I found out how deep the sports industry truly is. After that I fully adopted into the SPAD program.  The SPAD major allows me to grasp every aspect about the industry that I could ever want. This program is by far one of the best programs that I could have chosen. I now have a clear understanding what I want to do in life and I am on a path of success. All of this could not happen without the great help of the core teachers within the SPAD program.  They offer real life experience to the program, which benefits the students in a way that will only truly be appreciated after graduation.”
— Justin Emerson, Class of 2011 

“The SPAD major at UC has evolved since my freshmen year. Every semester the program has found a way to improve. Our classes and projects involve current issues and examples, teaching us valuable real life lessons that we don't learn from a book. This is going to put us ahead of competitors within the industry when we graduate.”
— Ryan Hathaway, Class of 2012 

“When I first came to the University of Charleston I was a Biology major because it was all I was interested in during high school. I soon realized that I was bored of this subject so I decided to switch. After talking to advisors and teachers, Sports Administration sounded the most appealing. After two semesters I am very pleased with my choice and I look forward to continuing my education in the sports field. I like how Sports Administration classes have more hands on work and projects than classes with lectures and tests. These projects provide real world examples and give us good experience for after school jobs. I also like how classes are more for work days than traditional teaching because students are expected to be prepared. I am excited to see what my last three semesters have for me.”
— Craig Cantor, Class of 2012 

Former Students

“In nearly all of my SPAD classes we had projects that helped prepare us for the real world working in the sports industry.  From writing and producing a media guide to the numerous speeches and debates held, I felt very confident heading into my job in sports after college.  Only weeks after graduation I had the opportunity to experience an incredible summer internship within the sports industry and after completion I secured a full-time job doing what I love.  The UC SPAD program provided me with the education and confidence to excel within the sports industry and I couldn't be more thankful.”
— Robert Spain, Class of 2010 

“Professor Wells' experience in the sports industry has transferred into the curriculum for the SPAD major.  She brings her real world experiences and adjusts them to fit the classes by creating individual and group projects.  It's the projects and the set up of the classes that has really made this program exceptional and has prepared me for graduate school.“
— Laura Buckalew, Class of 2010 

“The UC SPAD major was tremendous in laying the foundation for my sports career. While the classes and projects are great, it's the faculty and administration that makes UC stand apart. It's a wonderful opportunity to stay highly involved right on your own campus in UC's athletic department. You are not just a number; you are given the personal attention many larger schools cannot give individuals on a daily basis. It provided me the opportunity to differentiate myself for my graduate school and career search.”
— Corey Mehl, Class of 2009