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Tuition & Fees

Pre-registered students are billed and payment is due two weeks before the semester begins. Full payment for students who are not pre-registered is due at the time of registration, unless other arrangements have been made through the Business Office.

Students unable to pay the required tuition are responsible for contacting the Student Solutions Center prior to the first day of class to have his or her name deleted from course rosters. See also Catalog sections “Change of Course and Withdrawal,” “Refund Policy,” and “Financial Aid.”

Full-Time Tuition per Academic Year

Students must register for 12 or more credits to be considered full-time.  Click here for details on tuition & fees.

Part-Time Tuition per Academic Year

Students registered for 1-11 credits are considered part-time. Part-time tuition is based on access to resources, just as is full time tuition. Costs for part-time enrollment increase as the number of credits the student is attempting approaches the normal load for a full-time student, because the use of University resources also approaches that of a full-time student.  Click here for details on part-time and summer undergraduate tuition rates.

Senior Citizen Rate

The University of Charleston offers a special Senior Citizen Rate to persons age 60 and above enrolled as either degree-seeking or non-degree students. A person who elects this option can receive the Senior Citizen Rate for two undergraduate courses per semester. Students wishing to enroll in more than two courses per term must pay the regular undergraduate part-time tuition rate for any additional courses. Persons wishing to enroll using the Senior Citizen Rate may not register until the first week of classes. Enrollment is contingent upon class size and availability.

For rates applicable to other special groups, such as military personnel, contact the Student Solutions Center.

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