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Admission Requirements

Students must first gain general admission to the University of Charleston prior to acceptance into the Radiologic Science Program. A visit to campus to meet with Admissions personnel and program faculty is strongly encouraged. The quota of applicants accepted and enrolled in the Radiologic Science Program is limited by the clinical facilities available.

  1. Applicants to the B.S. Radiologic Science Program must complete a minimum of 90% (30 credits) of the freshman year courses of the Radiologic Science Program (see curriculum). Students must achieve a grade of “C” or higher in RADI 101Introduction to Radiologic Science and RADI 102 Radiation Physics. If a transfer student is accepted into the program, they must complete RADI 101 & RADI 102 with a “C” or higher.  Failure to receive a “C” or higher in either course as a transfer or sophomore student will result in termination from the program. 
    1. Students are admitted to the Radiologic Science Program in the fall semester of the SOPHOMORE YEAR after completing the required 30-34 credits. Admission may be based on a competitive point scale if there are more applicants than open slots.
    2. Applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.7 or higher on a 4.0 academic scale.
    3. Each applicant is required to submit a satisfactory physical examination, including selected laboratory tests, and a current CPR certification card before the sophomore year. In addition, applicants must complete and pass a criminal background check for admission to the Radiologic Science program. Students who fail to submit or meet the minimum standards of the health examination and/or criminal background check may not be admitted to the Radiologic Science Program.
    4. The Department of Radiologic Science faculty reserves the right to evaluate all transfer credits.
    5. Students requesting to transfer into the Radiologic Science Program from other JRCERT accredited radiography programs (collegiate or certificate) will have all transcripts evaluated and advanced placement may be awarded. Additional departmental testing may be required to determine the student’s retention level and placement. The Radiologic Science faculty will assess competency levels for advanced placement in the program. Contact the Department Chair for questions or more detailed information.
  2. Applications will be made available to prospective students in March and April with a completion due date of May 1st.  Applicants to the Radiologic Science clinical component are evaluated on a competitive basis utilizing a point scale, which occurs at the end of the FRESHMAN YEAR. Points will be awarded for GPA scores (minimum 2.7), college credits completed, and for hours completed at the University. Additional point consideration will be awarded for students who have completed Associate or Baccalaureate degrees. All candidates who meet the program requirements will be reviewed by the admissions committee of the Radiologic Science Program and ranked based on the point scale.
    1. NOTE: The point scale will be implemented if at the end of the freshman year the qualified student population exceeds the number of clinical openings available. Students are encouraged to strive for high academic achievement and professionalism to help secure their acceptance into the clinical radiography component. The number of clinical openings, which are scheduled to begin the sophomore year, will vary with each class; however, the target number will be approximately 18 students. Please contact Mindy Smith-Amburgey, (304) 357-4923, E-mail: - Chair of Radiologic Science Department, or the University of Charleston Office of Admissions for additional program information.
  3. Successful completion of science courses in high school and or college such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and human anatomy and physiology help academically prepare the student for the radiologic science curriculum.
  4. Applicants who read, write, and speak English as a second language must demonstrate proficiency in English skills. Additional testing of the applicant may be required before admission to the Radiologic Science Program.
  5. A personal interview with the Department of Radiologic Science Chair is recommended for all applicants to insure that applicants fully understand the program and its requirements.
  6. Students admitted to the clinical component of the Radiologic Science Program will commit to between 25 and 38 contact hours per week depending on the number of support and liberal learning courses completed prior to program entrance.
  7. Female applicants are required to review the radiography student pregnancy policy before entering the program.
  8. Applicants to the Radiologic Science Program are encouraged to review the student Radiologic Science Handbook before entering the program. Contact the Program Chair for details about receiving a copy. The Radiologic Science handbook will be reviewed in RADI 101.
  9. All health science students must complete a criminal background check prior to beginning the clinical component of the sophomore year. This is a confidential process required for compliance with Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals and Health Care Organizations.
  10. Each new Radiography class will begin in the fall semester of the sophomore year at the University of Charleston. Students accepted into the Radiologic Science Program will be notified by mail on or before May 30th.
  11. Students accepted into the Radiologic Science Program will be expected to attend clinical rotations during the shifts of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.  Students will not be scheduled on weekends or holidays observed by clinical facilities.
  12. Students will be expected to pay any fees associated with clinical readiness obligations such as criminal background checks and lab fees.  Any costs associated with uniforms, CPR certification, parking, and textbooks are the responsibility of the student.

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