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Traditional Pre-Pharmacy

Students interested in pharmacy that do not meet the criteria for the Pre-Pharmacy Scholars Program will be admitted into the Traditional Pre-Pharmacy Concentration. In this concentration, students work toward a bachelor’s degree in science.

Although this is a degree program, Traditional Pre-Pharmacy students may still finish requirements to apply to the School of Pharmacy in 2 or 3 years. In this program students will be set up to complete their B.S. Degree in Biology by simply completing their Liberal Learning Outcomes and Department requirements.


Students must gain general admission to the University of Charleston. A visit to meet with Admissions personnel and program faculty is strongly encouraged.


Students in the Traditional Pre-Pharmacy Program may enroll as either a biology or chemistry major. Traditional Pre-Pharmacy students enrolled in the biology program should follow the pre-professional track.


In order to apply to the School of Pharmacy in your sophomore year, you will follow the same curriculum as outlined for the Scholars Program.

Changing to Pre-Pharmacy Scholars Program

Students in the traditional pre-pharmacy program, or in another major at UC, may eventually join the Scholars program if they meet the requirements outlined in the Scholars Program section.