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Standard Curriculum for Pre-Pharmacy Scholars Program

Required Science Courses

Course Title Credits
BIOL 301 and 302 Anatomy & Physiology 8
BIOL 130 and

BIOL 215 or BIOL 224
General Biology with Lab 8
BIOL 331 Microbiology for Majors 4
CHEM 101 and 102 General Chemistry 8
CHEM 201 and 202 Organic Chemistry 8
PHSC 201 Physics I 4
NSCI 220 Research (Statistics) 3

Required Math Courses*

Course Title Credits
MATH 123 Pre-calculus 4
MATH 201 Calculus 4

*Actual math requirement is 6 credits

Other Required Courses

Course Title Credits
BUSI 201 or BUSI 202 Economics 3
NSCI 333, HIST 212, HIST 251, or HIST 252 History 3
COMM 101 and COMM 102 English Composition 6
PSYC 101 or SOCI 101 Intro to Psych or Sociology 3

Total required courses equal 65 credits.

Academic Schedule

Typical First Year

Course Title Credits Course Title Credits
UNIV 101 Orientation to University 1 UNIV 102 The University Experience 1
SSCI 105 or
HUMN 101
FYE Course 3 SSCI or HUMN  FYE Course 3
MATH 123 Pre-calculus 4 MATH 201 Calculus 4
BIOL 130 Biological Science 4 CHEM 102 Gen. Chemistry II 4
CHEM 101 General Chemistry 4 BIOL 224 Zoology 4
NSCI 220 Statistics in Research  3

PSYC 101 or
BUSI 201

Intro to Psych or

Typical Second Year

Course Title Credits Course Title Credits
CHEM 201 Organic Chemistry I  4 CHEM 202 Organic Chem. II  4
BIOL 301 Anatomy& Phys. I 4 BIOL 302 Anatomy Phys. II  4
PHSC 201  Intro to Physics I  4 PHSC 202  Intro to Physics II  4
BIOL 331  Microbiology for Majors  4 NSCI 345  Issues in Medicine 3
BASK 101 or
BUSI 201
Intro to Psychology or Microeconomics 3 NSCI 333 History of Science  3

  • SSCI 105 and HUMN 101 fulfill the requirement for English Composition I and II
  • BUSI 202 can be substituted for BUSI 201
  • SOCI 101 can be substituted for PSYC 101
  • NSCI 333, HIST 252, 211, or 212 can be substituted for HIST 251
  • PHSC 202 is not a requirement for pre-pharmacy but is a requirement for a biology or chemistry degree

Deviations from the Curriculum

  1. The prescribed course work for admittance to the School of Pharmacy allows for no electives. There will be cases in which freshmen will need to take additional course work such as Welch Colleagues, students with choir scholarships, etc. To stay in sequence these students must take these courses in addition to the Scholar courses.
  2. Students may receive credit for AP courses completed in high school. Acceptance of an AP course for credit will be determined by the registrar. Students receiving AP credit may require additional coursework to maintain full time status.
  3. Students in their first year will be allowed to withdraw from a course and repeat that course over the summer between their first and second year. Students in the second year will only be allowed to complete the curriculum during the summer between their second year of undergraduate work and first year of pharmacy school at the discretion of the School of Pharmacy. Scholars will not, however, be allowed to take organic chemistry or anatomy and physiology during the summer sessions.
  4. Changes in the requirements will be at the discretion of the School of Pharmacy.