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Pre-Physician Assistant Fast Track Preparation

This program is designed to prepare students who are interested for admission to the PA Fast Track. The PA Fast Track is only available to students who are currently enrolled at the University of Charleston. UC students who have completed more than 30 hours of college credit from other institutions are not eligible and will be required to prepare for PA School through the Traditional Pre-Physician Assistant program. In the Pre-Physician Assistant Fast Track Preparation Program, students work toward a Bachelor’s degree in Biology while taking PA Program prerequisite courses and gaining experiences to become a strong candidate for the PA Fast Track. Here’s how the program works for an incoming freshman:

  1. Student works with Janet Rorrer MS, who serves as the Pre-Professional advisor in the School of Arts and Sciences, to follow their choice of a three or four year curriculum towards a degree in Biology. The student also work to gain experiences to become a strong candidate for the PA Fast Track (see the PA Program Application Analysis Page)
  2. Student applies for the PA Fast Track at the end of his/her freshman year
  3. If the student is successfully admitted to the PA Fast Track, a seat in the PA Program will be reserved as long as they meet the following conditions:
    1. Completion of all subsequent prerequisite courses with a grade of “B” or higher
    2. Completion of at least 75 semester hours of undergraduate coursework
    3. Maintenance of a cumulative GPA of at least 3.50
    4. Acquisition of at least 200 hours of direct patient care experience each academic year prior to matriculation into the PA Program
  4. Students who are not admitted to the PA Fast Track but still desire to become a physician assistant:
    1. Continue to work towards a Bachelor’s degree in Biology while earning the necessary prerequisites for physician assistant school and
    2. Can continue in the fast track preparation program working to strengthen their application in anticipation of applying for the PA Fast Track during the next application cycle or
    3. Can change their option to the Traditional Pre-Physician Assistant program to prepare to apply for Direct Admission into UC’s Physician Assistant Program.

With the PA Fast Track, motivated students can earn their Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies in a total of five years from entry as a freshman.

For more information about the Fast Track Preparation program, please contact:

Pam Carden MA
Admissions Coordinator