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Program Requirements

The political science major requires a total of 51 hours of coursework. The requirements focus on the actors and institutions of government and the complex relationships that exist among those who seek to influence the process.

Introductory courses in policymaking and policy analysis are also included in this core. Coursework to explicitly promote critical thinking and logic are integrated throughout the curriculum. These requirements are important for all students in the major, but especially for those who intend to pursue a law degree or other graduate degree upon completion of their undergraduate education.

Electives allow the student to add depth to a particular area of interest that they have in the field of policymaking. For example, students who are interested in attending law school are encouraged to take additional coursework in judicial politics, constitutional, or business law.

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Additional Requirements

Students must take a minimum of 66 hours outside the program to satisfy the 120 hour requirement for graduation.

Students must also, when constructing their plan of study, meet all of the Liberal Learning Outcomes required for graduation by the University of Charleston. These additional hours may be utilized to earn a second major, if the student so desires.

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