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Portfolio Content Requirements

First Year

  • Application Essay
  • Three pieces of evidence of understanding and growth in Global Citizenship. These pieces may include:
    • Essays
    • Reflections of experiences in Global Citizenship (i.e., work in international programs)
    • Video copies of presentations that pertain to Global Citizenship

Second Year

  • Evidence of international travel with reflection
  • Evidence of service in a domestic entity with global implications*
  • The completion of a class meeting the Global Awareness Outcome with the grade of B or better

*Examples of such service include working with the ESL program at the University, volunteering with a charity with global connections (i.e., The Heifer Project), or interviewing a physician who has worked with Doctors without Borders or the World Health Organization.

Third Year or Summer After the Third Year

  • Intensive study of a foreign language coordinated with a semester or summer study abroad. (The cost of the study abroad experience will be incurred by the student. No University of Charleston financial aid is available for study abroad. However, students may be eligible for federal financial aid, depending on individual circumstances.)

Fourth Year

  • Completion of UNIV 459, the Liberal Learning Outcomes capstone course
  • Reflection of the GCCP process including suggestions for improvement, an evaluation of the process, and a plan for future global involvement
  • Serve as mentor for newly admitted GCCP students