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Major Requirements

The major in English consists of at least 120 credit hours, including a total of 39 hours in English courses.

What You Will Study

1. Identify a wide range of literary texts & periods, including historical and contemporary works by British, American, and World authors, works by female authors, and works by authors of color across several genres.

Literature Surveys

One course each in the British, American, and World literature clusters, plus 3 credit hours of the student's choosing in one of the clusters:

Course Title Credits

ENGL 202


ENGL 203

British Literature from Beowulf to 1798


British Literature: Romantics to the Present


ENGL 219


ENGL 220

American Literature Survey I


American Literature Survey II


ENGL 230


ENGL 231

Western World Literature


Non-Western World Literature

ENGL XXX  Literature Survey Elective (one of the above courses) 3

2. Engage in meta-cognition and critical thinking as he or she reads, interprets, analyzes, and evaluates individual texts, taking into account the relationships among the text, context, critical context, and subtext.


Course Title Credits
ENGL 302 Literary Criticism 3

Literature Electives (choose 15 credit hours from the below table)

Course Title Credits
ENGL 312 Shakespeare 3
ENGL 320 Multiculturalism  3
ENGL 326 Literature and Gender 3
ENGL 330 Studies in Period 3
ENGL 335 Drama 3
ENGL 336 Literature and Film 3
ENGL 350 Special Topics 3

3. Conduct research (electronic and nonelectronic) for the purpose of exploring, documenting, evaluating, and publishing conclusions orally and in writing.

4. Communicate effectively to a variety of audiences and in a variety of modes.

Writing and Language

Course Title Credits
ENGL 345 Advanced Writing 3

Writing and Language electives (choose 3 credit hours)

Course Title Credits
ENGL 241 Business Writing 3
ENGL 315 Linguistics 3
ENGL 340 Creative Writing 3
COMM 323 Screenwriting  3

5. Students will also complete a Senior Capstone

Course Title Credits
ENGL 405 Senior Capstone 3

39 Credits Total for the Major 

Additional Requirements

Students must meet all Liberal Learning Outcomes required for graduation by the University of Charleston. Also:

  • Students must pass a sophomore-level assessment. Students must revise and defend, orally, a paper written for one of their classes.
  • Students must pass ENGL 405 with a grade of C or better.