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Student Testimonials

Current Students

"UC's education program immerses you in the classroom environment from Education 100 all the way up to student teaching; in other words, you get your feet, well, soaked!"

"Another excellent attribute of the education program is that the education faculty capitalize on our central location in the Kanawha Valley to ensure that, by the time an education student graduates, he/she has experienced a wide variety of public school settings: rural and urban schools, high SES and low SES students, high and low performing students, the general classroom and an inclusion setting, and upper and lower grade levels."

"Additionally, nearly every educational strategy you learn in the UC classroom is modeled by the professors, which is a more practical--and interesting — approach than merely reading about it or sitting through lecture; the curriculum is quite hands-on."

"The education faculty is truly committed to preparing future educators to embody their conceptual framework: Know, Be, Do. Education professors take advantage of their connections with highly esteemed professionals of the local education community to arrange meaningful field placements based on the individual students and to host professional development workshops, which are free and open to UC education students."

Jamie Kearns — English Education major 2009 

Former Students

“The strengths of UC’s Education Program are the one-on-one instruction, small classes, learning how to reach diverse learners, and learning how to assess students’ learning.… I feel very prepared after graduation and was ready for the real world because of the opportunities to observe other teachers during field experiences. This was a critical part of becoming a teacher!”
Lynn Raducka – Elementary Education graduate May 2008 graduate 

“The professors in UC’s Education Program are supreme by not only teaching effective and dynamic strategies but also by employing these when teaching the students. It was refreshing to see teachers truly teach the way we are expected to teach. I loved the projects and collaborative learning group activities. Being a local student, I loved learning more of the cultural differences around the Kanawha Valley because I was placed in every socio-economic status.”
Kerri Barnett Templeton – May 2008 graduate