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Program Requirements

The Chemistry–Biology program consists of 41 credits of required chemistry courses, 32 credits of required and elective biology courses, 24 credits of required mathematics and physics courses, 3 credits in the Natural Science Sequence, and 50 credits of Liberal Learning Outcomes. In order to graduate, a student must receive a minimum grade of “C” for each of the chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, and natural science courses.

Capstone Research Experience

As a final demonstration of the student’s ability to do science, each student must complete a original chemical research project and defend it successfully before the chemistry faculty and fellow students.

Required Research Timeline

To assure that graduation occurs within the student’s expected time frame, capstone research and seminar learning experiences (CHEM 494, 495, 496, and 497) must be completed in the sequence outlined below. Breaking the sequence, skipping a requirement, or failing to complete events by required dates will delay graduation.

  1. During the spring semester of the junior year, Chemistry-Biology Dual Major students register for CHEM 494 Proposal Writing in Science.
  2. Following successful completion and approval of CHEM 494 research proposal, the student’s advisor will register the student for CHEM 495 (Research in Chemical Science) for the fall of the senior year.
  3. The research project (CHEM 495) must be completed by the end of the fall semester. Students will not be allowed to take CHEM 495 and 496 simultaneously.
  4. During the spring of the senior year, students will register for both CHEM 496 (Seminar in Science) and CHEM 497 (Science Research Portfolio).

Additional Requirements

Students must meet all Liberal Learning Outcomes required for graduation by the University of Charleston.