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Student Testimonials

Current Students

“The biology program at UC offers a unique opportunity for students to develop a clear and thorough understanding of the biological processes of everyday life. Professors show a desire for students to understand and apply their knowledge of biology for tests, but also to real world applications. Professors also make themselves available through office hours and flexible schedules. I also chose UC because of the ratio of students to instructors. The majority of my classes have a student average of 20 to 30 students.”
— Douglas Poe, Class of 2012 

“I wanted to stay in state and University of Charleston seemed to be a more personal experience that would help me get where I wanted to be.”
— Ryan Shepherd, Class of 2011 

“I loved the small school environment. I also loved the feel of Charleston as a community. The staff and Professors seemed very helpful and made me feel at home.”
— Melanie Hahn, Class of 2011 

Former Students

“I chose the University of Charleston based on the size of the biology department. Small class size allowed me to interact directly with my professors in order to obtain the most hands on education possible. My education was never confined to a classroom. Whether I was working with bats during summer or conducting tropical ecology research in Brazil, I always received direct teaching and knowledge from the University of Charleston biology faculty. With these interactions, I gained the confidence to move forward in my career knowing I received the best education possible.”
— Daniel Judy, Class of 2005 

“I came to the University of Charleston because of its beautiful atmosphere and its small community. I enjoy having the ability to have a close relation with the students and professors.”
— Brittany Greene, Class of 2010; currently at the Sullivan School of Pharmacy 

“UC is more than a college campus it is a close-knit community of its own, and I felt as though the UC community would best accommodate my learning with the small student-teacher ratio”
— Elisa Evans, Class of 2010; currently at the Physician Assistant Program Marietta College