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Applied Leadership Studies Minor — Dr. Edwin H. Welch Colleague Program

Overview of Program

The Edwin H. Welch Colleague Program, realized through the minor in Applied Leadership Studies, is an endowed program named for University of Charleston President Edwin H. Welch.

The Welch Colleague Program of the University of Charleston exists to develop students into thoughtful, passionate, and competent leaders as change agents who integrate personal assets into their academic, civic, and professional lives.


High school seniors apply for the Welch Colleague Scholarship prior to attending campus open house events known as “Experience UC Days.” After completing a regimen of interviews and other evaluative exercises, the Welch Colleague Committee reviews candidates and selects approximately 15 incoming freshmen as Colleagues for the upcoming fall term.

All selected students receive a significant award for a four-year period, provided they remain in good academic standing with the program and meet other program requirements. Welch Colleagues enroll in one course per semester leading to a minor in Applied Leadership Studies. Both classroom learning and off-site internships are emphasized.

Program Highlights

  • Scholarship renewable each year upon successful completion of program requirements
  • Focused leadership experiences to enhance personal development, community involvement and career preparedness
  • Opportunities to participate in community service projects and campus activities
  • Participation in Welch Colleague Program activities
  • Special recognition upon graduation 

Admission Requirements

All students must gain general admission to the University of Charleston. Selection of Welch Colleague Scholars is based on the quality of essay responses and the interviews at “Experience UC Days.” Additionally, selection is based on a core grade point average (from high school) of a 3.0 or higher and evidence of past leadership, involvement, and service activities.

Contact Information

Hallie C. Dunlap
Director, Welch Colleague Program