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Standard Curriculum for Organizational Leadership

Semester 1
Course Title  Credits
BUSI 151 Introduction to Business      3
OL 301 The Adult Learner:  Principles, Applications, Concepts, and Theories 3
OL 302 Principles and Issues of Management 3
OL 307 Leadership 3
  Totals  12 
Semester 2
Course Title  Credits
OL 305 Principles and Issues of Human Resources 3
OL 309 Collaborative Leadership  3
OL 316 Ethics 3
OL 430 Practicum: Developing Teams 3
   Totals  12 
Semester 3
Course Title Credits
OL 401 The Learning Organization 3
OL 402 Organizational Behavior 3
OL 408 Action Research 3
OL 415 Leadership Communication 3
   Totals  12 
Semester 4
Course  Title Credits
OL 406 Organizational Development and Change 3
OL 413 Human Resource Development 3
OL 435 Senior Capstone 3
UNIV 459 University Capstone 3
   Totals  12 

The B.S. in organizational leadership requires completion of the above courses along with the University’s general education requirements and 36 semester hours of electives. 

The University of Charleston is working with the directors of each of these programs to review the current curriculum. The University reserves the right to make changes in the course sequence and content during the curricular review during the Spring 2013 semester. The student will be notified of these changes in a timely manner.