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August – December

  • Research the University of Charleston and apply for admission.
  • Research scholarship opportunities.
  • Apply for the Personal Identification number (PIN) needed to file for FAFSA. Visit

January – June

  • As soon as possible after January 1, complete your FAFSA application. Visit Use the University of Charleston’s federal school code 003818.
  • Receive the Student Aid Report (SAR) from the FAFSA federal processor by email through an online link or postal mail.
    • Review and make any needed changes.
    • Submit changes online or by postal mail after tax forms are complete.
  • Complete any remaining scholarship and financial aid information for the University of Charleston.  
  • Receive Financial Aid Award Notification.
    • Incoming freshmen receive notice late March or early April.
    • Upperclass undergraduates and graduate students receive notice late May or early June.
  • Review award notification. If you decide to attend the University of Charleston, accept and return that federal aid package.

June – July

  • If you are eligible for Federal Stafford or Perkins loans, you will receive email in June or July.
  • E-sign promissory notes for these federal loans.
  • If additional funding is needed, other loan options may be available, such as Federal PLUS Loans for parents and graduate students. Learn more about loans.


  • Financial Aid credits to the student’s account in the Registrar’s Office at the University of Charleston up to 10 days before classes begin.
  • If the financial aid amount is:
    • Greater than the amount due, a check will be mailed to the student
    • Less than the amount due, you will need to pay the remainder.
  • If a federal work-study has been awarded, a job must be found early in the semester or that award will be cancelled.

Contact Information

Financial Aid Office
University of Charleston
2300 MacCorkle Avenue, SE
Charleston, WV 25304
FAX 304-357-4769 

Beckley Student Solutions Center


University of Charleston
School Code: 003818 

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy