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2013 Honors & Awards

Academic Excellence Awards  

Academic Excellence Awards are provided to future pharmacists who have achieved the highest cumulative GPA of their professional class level.  Recipients must be an active member of at least one professional organization at the School of Pharmacy and have demonstrated appropriate progress towards the attainment of the Core Values of the Profession of Pharmacy. A portion of these awards is funded by CVS Caremark.  

The recipients receive a certificate signed by the Dean of the School of Pharmacy and a monetary award. 

The recipients of the Academic Excellence Award - 

Michaela Leffler and Wing Yip (Class of 2014)  

Joshua Hapney, Hannah Hutchinson, Samie Sabet-Sarvestani, Catherine Thai (Class of 2015) 

Jennifer Byerly, George Copenhaver, Cayci Justice, Nicholas Miller, Radhika Patel and Eric Steverson (Class of 2016) 

Academic Achievement Awards 

Academic Achievement Awards are given to future pharmacists who are academically ranked second and third in their respective professional class.  Recipients must be an active member of at least one professional organization at the School of Pharmacy and have demonstrated appropriate progress towards the attainment of the Core Values of the Profession of Pharmacy. 

The recipients receive a certificate signed by the Dean of the School of Pharmacy and a monetary award. The recipient -  

Mike Brown (Class of 2014)                                                 

Appalachian Spirit Award  

The School of Pharmacy is committed to encouraging the professional growth and development of its students.  We admit and graduate a diverse student population who will have the knowledge, skills, and ability to provide high quality care to the nation’s increasingly diverse population.  This award is established to provide financial support to future pharmacists who have demonstrated loyalty, commitment, academic achievement, and service to the School of Pharmacy.  They have shown us their maturity and maintained a positive attitude while balancing their pharmacy studies with outside responsibilities.  Recipients of this award must be an active member of at least one of our professional organizations, maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 in School of Pharmacy coursework, and have a recognized financial need.    

The recipients receive a certificate signed by the Dean of the School of Pharmacy and a monetary award of $450.   

The recipients of the Appalachian Spirit Awards - 

Tiffany Cole, Thomas Pile (Class of 2013) 

Kelsey Adkins, Julie Tague (Class of 2014)  

Erica Austin, Melanie Hackney, Allison Richmond, Sarah Skaff, Angela Wirzfeld (Class of 2015)  

Sarah Bostic, Katie Lilly, Kyle Sargent (Class of 2016) 

Nottingham Awards 

This award is established to provide support to future pharmacists during their tenure at the School of Pharmacy.  Recipients must demonstrate professionalism, caring and commitment to the School of Pharmacy and appropriate progress towards the attainment of the Core Values of the Profession of Pharmacy.  The winners of this award are the top two placers within school-sponsored patient counseling competition.  

The recipients - 

Sunny Cook (Class of 2013) 

Deanna Lind (Class of 2014) 


Pharmacist Mutual Scholarship 

For over ninety years, pharmacists throughout the heart of America have entrusted Pharmacists Mutual with their insurance needs.  The Pharmacists Mutual Board of Directors has established the following scholarship to gift the future of the profession: pharmacy students.   

Temeka Lewis (Class of 2014)  

CVS Caremark Scholarship 

CVS Caremark has a long tradition of supporting the academic aspirations of young scholars. One of the ways CVS achieves this is by offering future pharmacists the opportunity to apply for the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Scholarship. The future success of our company, the health of our community, and the overall prosperity of our economy relies heavily on our educational system and its accessibility to students. CVS is proud that this program has helped hundreds of students achieve their goal of furthering their education.   

The recipient of the $1000 CVS Caremark scholarship - 

Lauren Bess (Class of 2014) 

Walgreens Scholarship 

Walgreens understands the importance of pharmacy education and the significance of scholarships designated to supporting future pharmacists.  The “C.R. Walgreen Excellence Scholarship” has been developed to recognize future pharmacist excellence at the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy.   

The recipient of the $1000 C. R. Walgreen Excellence Scholarship - 

Adam Brumfield (Class of 2015) 

Walmart Scholarship 

Walmart is proud to have a presence on the University of Charleston campus where the first Wal-Mart Pharmacy located within a School of Pharmacy was located. Wal-Mart annually supports a pharmacy scholarship program to demonstrate the company’s commitment to education.   

The recipients of a $1000 Wal-Mart Scholarship - 

Jamie Bennett, Brandon Daniel (Class of 2014)                                           

Dr. Amy Bryan Postgraduate Scholarship 

The Bryan scholarship is awarded to a fourth year student pharmacist who chooses to pursue a residency after graduation. 

The recipients of a $500 Dr. Amy Bryan Postgraduate Scholarship - 

Debbie Grose, Benjamin Mancheril (Class of 2013) 

Fruth Scholarship 

Fruth Pharmacy supports educating future pharmacists. The criteria used to determine the winner of this award are 

  • a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher 
  • must complete at least one semester of coursework at the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy 
  • show a strong desire to enter community practice upon graduation and have current/previous experience in community practice 
  • demonstrate strong leadership qualities 
  • demonstrate appropriate progress toward the attainment of the Core Values of the Profession of Pharmacy 

The recipients of the $1000 Fruth Scholarships - 

James Leonard (Class of 2013), Celia Hodroge (Class of 2014)                                                         

Lilly Achievement Award 

The recipient of the textbook Diabetes Management in Primary Care by Dr. Jeff Unger – 

Tiffany Forbey (Class of 2016) 

Leadership Achievement Awards 

The School of Pharmacy is committed to the encouragement of leadership development of its future pharmacists.   These awards are established to recognize School of Pharmacy students who have been elected to official student leadership positions within the School of Pharmacy in one of the officially recognized class or professional organizations.    

The Leadership Achievement Award recognizes future pharmacist leaders who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and service to their organization through the fulfillment of the responsibilities to their elected positions for the 2012 – 2013 academic year.    Recipients must be in good academic standing and demonstrate a commitment to the School of Pharmacy and its mission and maintain the appropriate demeanor, attitude and behavior of a student leader.   

The recipients of the $650 Leadership Achievement Awards - 

Ghanshyam Patel (Class of 2013) 

Deanna Lind, Aaron Sturgeon, Wing Yip (Class of 2014) 

Adam Brumfield (Class of 2015)                                                        

Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award 

Mylan Pharmaceuticals recognizes one graduate per School of Pharmacy whose pursuit of excellence has already put them in a class by themselves. This is a graduate who has made their mark through academic achievement, professional motivation and by demonstrating a unique ability to communicate drug information. The award is a lithograph entitled Pharmacy: A Tradition of Healing and $250.  

The recipient of the 2013 Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award - 

 Ghanshyam Patel (Class of 2013) 

NACDS Foundation Scholarship

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Foundation demonstrates that the industry values pharmacy education and are working together to strengthen the pharmacy profession and community pharmacy’s commitment to enhancing patient care, especially during these challenging times. 

The recipient of the $1000 NACDS Foundation Scholarship - 

Jenna Matso (Class of 2014) 

Pioneering Spirit Award

Pioneering Spirit Awards are established to recognize future pharmacists who have demonstrated loyalty, commitment, and have provided outstanding service to the School of Pharmacy.  These individuals are traditionally not elected or appointed officers but have chosen to demonstrate their leadership ability and initiative by being altruistic and giving of their time and talents to the betterment of the School of Pharmacy.   These individuals’ service to the School of Pharmacy is invaluable and without their contributions the achievements of the School of Pharmacy would not be possible.  

The recipients receive a certificate signed by the Dean of the School of Pharmacy and a monetary award of $500.  

The recipients of the Pioneering Spirit Award - 

Marco Custodio, Katie Lilly, Tammy Yoxtheimer (Class of 2016)                                                    

Outstanding Graduating Student Awards

These awards are given to graduating students based on the following criteria: 

  • Recommendation by APPE Community or Health-Systems Pharmacy preceptor or self-nomination 
  • Performed at a level greater than their peers 
  • Consideration of timeliness, motivation, quality of work, communication skills, and  

The students receive a certificate signed by the Dean of the School of Pharmacy.  They also receive a check for $250. 

The recipient of the Outstanding Pharmacy Student in Health-Systems Pharmacy -  

Lindsay Acree (Class of 2013)                                                                 

The recipient of the Outstanding Pharmacy Student in Community Pharmacy -   

Ghanshyam Patel (Class of 2013) 

Taubman Scholarship

Dr. Tess Taubman, member of the Inaugural Class of 2010, donates this scholarship to a future pharmacist who will be completing a residency after graduation from UCSOP.  

The recipient of the $500 Taubman Scholarship -  

Faon Bridges (Class of 2013)   

Maggie King Memorial Scholarship

Maggie King was a member of the Class of 2013 who lost her life in a car accident in 2010, during her P1 year at the University of Charleston. She also did her undergraduate course work at the University of Charleston. Maggie was a cherished member of the Class of 2013. In her memory, the Class of 2013 is presents a $1000 scholarship, annually, to a member of the P1 class who embodies some of the attributes personified by Maggie.  Criteria also include being a West Virginia native, involvement in his or her church, and demonstrating financial need.  

The recipient of the Maggie J. King Memorial Scholarship – 

Rachel Lemon (Class of 2016)                                                              

APhA-ASP Patient Counseling Competition Awards

The goal of the APhA-ASP Patient Counseling Competition is to encourage future pharmacists in their efforts toward becoming better patient educators. The competition is designed to reflect changes that are occurring in practice, to promote and encourage further professional development of the student and to reinforce the role of the pharmacist as a health care provider and educator.  

The award winners - 

Sunny Cook (Class of 2013),  

Deanna Lind, Kelsey Adkins, Sweta Khatri, Wing Yip (Class of 2014),           

Brandi Gilman, Hank Hoang, Allison Richmond (Class of 2015), 

Albert Won (Class of 2016) 

ASHP Clinical Skills Competition 

The Clinical Skills Competition (CSC) is an interactive, team-based analysis of clinical scenarios for hospital/health-system pharmacists to help patients make the best use of their medications. Local competitions are held each fall on college campuses around the nation. The national competition takes place at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in December.  

The local recipients of the award –  

Debbie Grose, Stephanie McDonald (Class of 2013)                                                                

WVSHP Student Scholarship

Each year the West Virginia Society of Health System Pharmacists awards a scholarship to a deserving student from each of the pharmacy schools in WV.  The student must submit an application which describes:  how they have participated in their student chapter of WVSHP, their community services involvement since their P1 year in pharmacy school and any organizations of which they are a member.  They also must compose a 250 word essay describing their vision on how they plan to impact the profession of pharmacy and enhance pharmacy services upon their graduation.  Successful applicants are awarded a $400 scholarship.  This year’s winner - 

Mike Brown (Class of 2014) 

Catherine S. Bowyer Memorial Scholarship

This award was previously known as the UCSOP family scholarship.  After the death of Catherine S. Bowyer (wife of David Bowyer, Director of UCSOP Experiential Education) in 2009, Mr. Bowyer and his daughter, Susan decided to change the name, of the scholarship, to forever honor her memory.  Cathy was a wonderful woman who always valued education.    Cathy and Dave were married during their sophomore year in college and had their daughter, Susan, that summer.  It was not easy but both graduated before our daughter’s fourth birthday.  Both parents felt Susan sacrificed as much as they did to earn our diplomas so she walked across the stage with them at graduation.    They were extremely blessed to have family who supported them and helped them through school.     When Dave started at the University of Charleston, they decided they wanted to help students whose situation most mirrored theirs in school.  Cathy was a firm believer in “paying it forward” and this is one way they could assist others.     

The recipient of the annual Catherine S. Bowyer Memorial $500 Scholarship - 

Angela Wirzfeld (Class of 2015) 

National Rural Health Association Stipend

West Virginia Rural Health Association (WVRHA) has a Student stipend available for current WVRHA student members with a critical need for financial support with conference registration and travel expenses. The stipend is awarded to a student who is a current WVRHA member: 

To qualify for this scholarship, an applicant must (1) attend school in WV; (2) be an active mem-ber of the WVRHA; (3) explain their interest in rural health care and how attending this conference will impact their career; and (4) be willing to provide any additional funds to pay for expenses as a result of participating in the conference. 

The recipient - Josh Dunn (Class of 2016) 

NAPLEX Live Online Review

Jennifer Worley (Class of 2013) 

Staff Member of the Year

The staff member selected should meet the following criteria: 

  • Professional in interactions with others 
  • Supportive of the mission of the SOP 
  • Performs effectively as a member of a team 
  • Remains optimistic at all times, even during stressful events 
  • Contributes to the success of others 
  • Respectful of others, regardless of differences 
  • Volunteers time even when not required to do so 
  • Involved in all aspects of School, even outside events 
  • Good University citizenship 
  • Promotes the School of Pharmacy 

        Recipient - Ms. Joyce Neal 

Preceptor of the Year

The fourth year experiential education component of UC’s Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum allows students to fully experience the rigors of pharmacy practice.  The preceptor acts as a mentor to the student to guide them through daily practice at the clinical site.  The Preceptor of the Year demonstrates high standards of professionalism, a spirit of cooperation with the School of Pharmacy, commitment to students as a professional mentor and teacher. Fourth year students nominated the Preceptor of the Year based on the following criteria:  

  • Outstanding student mentoring in the clinical setting 
  • Demonstrated clinical knowledge and practice management skills 
  • Encouragement of student participation in the clinical setting 
  • Stimulate critical thinking and reasoning skills in the student 
  • Informative to students 
  • Strong communication skills 
  • Respect for students 
  • Strong cultural competency skills 
  • Consistent community involvement 
  • Good relationships with site staff or healthcare team 

Recipient - Dr. Wesley Keck 

Faculty Member of the Year

The Teacher of the Year Award is given to an outstanding teacher on the faculty of the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy each year. Faculty are nominated by students during the spring semester and then selected by the Faculty Affairs Committee in consult with student representatives (class presidents). Nominees are selected for consideration based upon the following criteria: 

  • Concern for student learning 
  • General knowledge base 
  • Encouragement of student participation in the learning process 
  • Ability to stimulate learning 
  • Informative to students 
  • Pedagogical organization 
  • Communication skills 
  • Correlation between lectures and exam 
  • Fairness in the classroom 
  • Respect for students 
  • Ability to discuss matters outside of class 

        Class of 2013 Recipient– Dr. Gannett Monk  

        Class of 2014 Recipient – Dr. Jessica Robinson 

        Class of 2015 Recipient - Dr. Kristy Lucas 

        Class of 2016 Recipient – Dr. Aladin Siddig 

Golden Apple Award Winner

The Teacher of the Year recipients becomes eligible for the highest honor among teachers at the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy – the Golden Apple Award.  The recipient is selected by the Faculty Affairs Committee with consult from the student leaders (class presidents), based upon input from their respective classes. 

2013 Golden Apple Award -   Dr. Gannett Monk 

Professional Organization of the Year

This award was established this year to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of one of our professional organizations between April 1, 2012- March 25, 2013. The criteria include:  

  • The variety of activities planned and implemented and the number of people served  
  • The group’s statement as to how they meet the Mission of the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy and the goals or mission of its national organization 
  • The total number of community service hours for the organization 
  • The percentage of members who participated in events throughout the academic year 
  • Their advisor’s statement of support 

The recipient for 2013 - Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International