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Program Description

Course Schedule and Faculty

The course is divided into five 12-week modules. During this period, students have access to highly qualified University of Charleston professors, plus approximately 30 senior-level executives from diverse areas of business and the healthcare industry, including the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, state and federal government, marketing, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Learning Approach

  • Problem-solving. Participants learn creative thinking and the importance of group interaction in problem-solving. Particular emphasis is placed on recognizing and adapting to change, recognizing potential problems, analyzing possible solutions, and initiating proper guidelines to prevent recurrence.
  • Interdisciplinary Teamwork. All five modules of the program are heavily geared to team participation. You will work alongside professionals from many different areas and with many different experience levels. Not only will you learn from the professors but you will learn from each other.
  • Business writing and public speaking. The program emphasizes efficient and comprehensive business writing, and speaking confidently and clearly in presentations.
  • Capstone Based. Throughout the program, teams of students analyze and make recommendations for a West Virginia business, resulting in a great learning experience for the team and practical suggestions for improvement by the participating company.

Capstone Project

The capstone project is an opportunity for teams of students to analyze and make recommendations to an operating business. In the capstone project, students demonstrate that they can apply the knowledge and skills learned in the program. With faculty supervision, students select a company to study and topics that relate directly to both pharmaceutical and healthcare management and to their own fields of work. The results of the capstone project must be presented to the capstone company in a live presentation, as well as in the form of a detailed, final, written report, appropriately formatted and cited according to the American Psychological Association (APA) citation guidelines.