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Academic Success Center Tutoring


The mission of the Academic Success Center’s Tutoring Program is to provide University of Charleston students with individualized learning support through high quality peer tutoring in all disciplinary areas to prepare our students for a life of productive work, enlightened living, and community involvement.

The Academic Success Center employs students, who have demonstrated academic excellence, to provide tutoring assistance to students in the disciplinary areas of writing, science and math. 

Types of Tutoring Provided

The Academic Success Center provides tutoring in writing, speaking, and discipline-specific areas using professional staff and trained student tutors.  

Help is available by appointment by calling 304-357-4776 or stopping by the main desk on the 2nd floor of the Schoenbaum Library.  

Students can book appointments up to 24 hours in advance for 30 minutes one on one appointments.  Group appointments and longer tutoring sessions can be organized with the ASC Director by calling 304-347-6983.

Services provided include:

Peer Tutoring

  • Discipline-specific Tutoring: Peer tutoring is available in a variety of subjects including writing, math, science, economics, accounting, nursing and radiology. Tutors can also assist with study skills and test-taking strategies. 
  • Writing Tutoring: For students who need tutoring specifically in writing, peer tutors are available to help generate, organize, and develop ideas for papers. Tutors can also explain punctuation and grammar, as well as teach students how to proofread, document secondary sources, and address a host of other writing‐related issues. Additionally, tutors are trained to assist students with the Comm 101 and 102 portfolios. Our goal is to provide quality assistance, tools, and resources to help students become confident, independent writers.  
Peer Tutoring 

Online Tutoring

All UC students now have access to the Smarthinking online tutoring tool.  

Online tutoring is provided in the following formats:

  • Live, On-Demand Tutoring 

Using an advanced queuing system, students are connected on-demand with an expert educator. Students work one-on-one, in real-time with a tutor, using a virtual whiteboard technology.

  • Online Writing Lab 

Students can submit a paragraph or essay for individualized critique by expert writing tutors. Students complete a form that provides the tutor with information on the writing assignment and requested areas of assistance, then receive the help that they need with the writing assignment. Students can also request a review by an ESL (English as a second language), technical writing or creative writing expert when appropriate. Upon completion, students are notified that their review is available. Students receive feedback outlining the strengths, areas in need of improvement, and specific guidance to help them improve the quality and content of their writing. 

  • Submit a Question 

Students who do not need instant feedback can choose to submit an asynchronous question. Using the virtual whiteboard technology, students submit their question to a tutor and the student is notified when their comprehensive response is available.

  • Schedule an Appointment 

Students who prefer to plan ahead can schedule a 30-minute appointment with a tutor of their choice. At the scheduled time, the student and tutor connect live using the virtual whiteboard technology.

Contact Information

Academic Success Center (ASC)

Allison Grassie
Director, Academic Success Center
Room 302 Clay Tower Building
2300 MacCorkle Avenue, S.E.
Charleston, WV 25304