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Housing Fees

Hall 2013-2014/year 2013-2014/semester 2013-2014/month
Ratrie Hall Double $4,900.00 $2,450.00  
Ratrie Hall Single $5,687.00 $2,843.50  
Ratrie Hall Apartment $5,626.00 $2,813.00  
Middle Hall Double $4,900.00 $2,450.00  
Middle Hall Apartment $5,626.00 $2,813.00  
Middle Hall Suite $5,294.00 $2,647.00  
Middle Hall Double Single $6,000.00 $3,000.00  
Brotherton Hall Double $4,900.00 $,2450.00  
East Apartment One Bedroom $8,060.00 $4,030.00 $806.00
East Apartment Efficiency $7,500.00 $3,750.00 $750.00
East Apartment Two Bedroom $7,030.00 $3,515.00 $703.00
East Apartment Four Bedroom $6,700.00 $3,350.00 $670.00


Meal Plan Fees

First-Year Student Options

Plan Cost
Meal Plan 1 — 19 meals per week $4,100/AY+tax
Meal Plan 2 — 14 meals per week and $225 Flex dollars $4,060/AY+tax
Meal Plan 3 — 14 meals per week $3,726/AY+tax

Upperclassmen Options

Choose any of the above or the following:

Plan Cost
Meal Plan 4 — 10 meals per week and $225 Flex dollars $3,726/AY+tax

Residents in an Apartment

Students assigned to an apartment in Middle Hall, Ratrie Hall and East Apartments may choose a meal plan from any of the above or the following options (Graduate students assigned to East Apartments are not required to purchase a meal plan):

Plan Cost
Meal Plan 5 — 5 meals per week and $225 Flex dollars $1,886/AY+tax
Meal Plan 6 — 5 meals per week $1,558/AY+tax

AY+tax = Academic Year and Tax  

Please note: Eagle Card Credit may be used in the Coffee Tavern (CT), Mo Harv's, and the Dining Hall. Remaining balances do not carry over between academic semesters. The University of Charleston reserves the right to alter charges and fees. Final cost structure is solely determined by the University of Charleston.