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Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation for the BSN Program students are expected to achieve eight student learning outcomes. Each course and level will have syllabi which are specifically designed with readings, assignments, activities and clinical experiences designed to assist the student in meeting these outcomes. Outcomes will be measured throughout the curriculum by University and BSN rubrics, clinical evaluations, and exams, ATI Content Mastery Series Exams, Portfolio and Senior Capstone Project.

Graduates of the baccalaureate-nursing program will be able to:

  1. Generate a personal philosophy as a basis for professional nursing practice.
  2. Synthesize evidenced based knowledge from the physical, behavioral and nursing sciences into the practice of nursing.
  3. Communicate therapeutically using discipline specific language and nursing informatics with peers and health care providers and communicate therapeutically with diverse clients/patients, families, aggregates, and/or populations.
  4. Explain critical thinking in the practice of nursing.
  5. Evaluate the nursing process within a variety of settings with a diversity of patient populations and cultures.
  6. Participate in evaluating the quality and effectiveness of the practice of nursing.
  7. Assess beginning management and leadership skills in the practice of nursing.
  8. Interpret professional legal, ethical and professional standards as a guide to nursing practice.

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