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Mission Statement

The Department of Education at the University of Charleston (UC) prepares students who will be committed educators, lifelong learners, and community servants. More specifically, the education faculty provides students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge (KNOW), skills (DO), and dispositions (BE) to become an effective educator.

  • Knowledge (KNOW)
    Upon graduation, UC’s candidates will have the content knowledge necessary to teach or train their future students. The content will be specifically aligned with state and national standards, and be reflected and demonstrated during their professional experiences at UC and through passing scores on the Praxis content exam (if seeking a certification area degree).
  • Pedagogy (DO)
    Upon graduation, UC’s candidates will have the pedagogy necessary to design research-based instruction that promotes “best practices” and in-depth learning. Candidates will have the ability to self-assess and reflect on their instructional practice and make changes based on these assessments.
  • Dispositions (BE)
    Upon graduation, UC’s candidates will have the dispositions necessary to be an effective educator through their interactions with teachers, educational professionals, faculty, and students.

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