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Student Government Association (SGA)

The University of Charleston Student Government Association (SGA) is the student organization that serves as the governing body for the student body. There are 4 student body officers — President, VP of Project Development; VP of Communications; and VP of Finance — elected by the entire student body. The House of Governors Chair also resides as an officer on the executive board.

Each class elects three senators who serve to address the specific needs of each UC class.

All members of the SGA serve for one year and they are responsible for all student issues. They have control over a budget that is used to assist with student organizational needs, special campus projects, and community service activities. Additionally, members serve on a variety of University standing committees. 

2013-2014 Officers

President - Lucas Hamrick
Vice President for Project Development - Eli DesRocher
Vice President for Communications - Emily Rector
Vice President for Finance - Kenny Nguyen
House of Governor's Chair - Andrew Adkins

Upperclassmen Senators

Rhys Batt
Marc Jn-louis
T.J. Lucas
Raven Martin
Hajer Mazagri
Kali Tichenor

Sophomore Senators

Seth Deskins
Eli DesRocher
Amber Surowy

Freshmen Senators

Bethany Kinder
Lowell Midkiff
Megan Farley

PSGA Representative

Hannah Hutchinson


Jennie Ferretti, Vice President for Student Development

Meghan Sparrow, Coordinator of Student Programs