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Rename Multiple Files

April 16, 2012

Have you ever tried to make sense of your digital pictures, so that you can file them in folders by event or year? You know what I’m talking about….all of those pictures you have downloaded from your camera with names like “100_20105.jpg”! Wouldn’t it be nice if they were named “Christmas2011(1)” and “Christmas2011(2)” for example? Then it would be easy to sort them into folders.

Here is an easy way to rename multiple files.

  • After you have determined the subject matter of your pictures, highlight the ones that belong in a group together.
  • Press F2 at the top of your keyboard.
  • The whole selection will turn gray, except for the bottom one, which is in Edit mode. Type in a common name for this group, like “Christmas2011”, and then press Enter.
  • That file will be renamed what you just typed, and
  • All of the other files in the highlighted selection will be renamed “Christmas2011” with the added sequential number in parentheses next to it.
  • Repeat for all of your pictures.

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