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Student Testimonials

Current Students

“What I have enjoyed most about my experience in the UC BSN Program is the vast opportunities to interact with other students within the program on group work in and out of the classroom. The assignments have widened my knowledge and passion for the profession. The faculty are available and interact with students about questions or concerns making the program a positive experience. The ready availability of faculty and resources are a major convenience within the program as well. Being able to enter into the hospital setting is a wonderful experience that I have enjoyed most because it provides me the real-life opportunity to work with Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and other health-care personnel to experience interaction with different patients and practice skills I have learned within the program.
— Courtney Ferrell, BSN Student, 2012 

Former Students

“Apart from passing boards on the first attempt and having received job offers from multiple institutions across the United States before graduation, the University of Charleston's BSN Nursing Program not only set me up for success in the healthcare industry, but also helped make me a marketable individual. The things I took away from this program, which continue to influence my practice include content knowledge, professional mannerism and most importantly, appropriate bedside manner. My future practice and professional endeavors will always be affected by my undergraduate experience in UC’s BSN Nursing Program.”
— Wes Massey, May 2009 BSN program graduate