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Admission Requirements

Admission Criteria

  1. Students must gain admission to the University of Charleston prior to applying for admission to the BSN Program.     
  2. Admission into the BSN Program occurs by application prior to the beginning of the sophomore course sequence. Applicants must be academically admissible or re-admissible.  
  3. Students must be able to demonstrate the following grade point averages (GPA) 
    1. GPA: 2.75 cumulative 
    2. GPA 2.75 in nursing and health science classes 
    3. GPA: C average in science and math courses 
  4. Entrance Exam/TEAS Test:  TEAS is the Test of Essential Academic Skills offered by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) and assesses the general academic preparedness of students entering a nursing program in the areas of Science, Mathematics, Reading and English.  To qualify for admission to the BSN program for the 2015-2016 academic year, the minimum passing TEAS score is 62%.  Students have two attempts to achieve a passing score by April 15.    

Students wanting to prepare for the TEAS exam prior to testing may order a study guide from exams are scheduled by the University of Charleston Learning Commons located on the third floor of the Schoenbaum Library, and may be contacted at (304) 357-6983.

To reach someone to discuss the BSN program, please contact:

  • BSN Administrative Assistant – Marybeth Hill, Riggleman Hall 400, telephone 304-357-4837, 
  • BSN Enrollment Coordinator –Karen Hoschar, Riggleman Hall 410-A, telephone 304-357-4838, 
  • BSN Program Chair – Dr. Debra Mullins, Riggleman Hall 400-A, telephone 304-357-4981, 

University of Charleston BSN Freshman

BSN Freshman applicants by April 15, 2015 must:

  • submit a copy of a UC Program Evaluation or transcripts demonstrating a grade  point average of 2.75 or > on completed freshman-level BSN Program course work;
  • complete and submit a  BSN Nursing Application for Admissions;
  • complete and submit a Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), a nationally standardized nursing entrance exam that allows students to demonstrate academic competence in Reading, Math, Science, and English.  Passing score is 62%. Students wanting to prepare for the TEAS exam prior to testing may order a study guide from  TEAS exams are scheduled by the University of   Charleston Learning Commons located on the third floor of the Schoenbaum Library and may be contacted at 304-347-6983 or email  Additional information regarding the TEAS exam may be located at
  • TEAS Exam Scores below proficient level score of 62% require remediation and retesting.  Students may schedule a retest as needed and are limited to two total TEAS Exam attempts. Students failing the second TEAS exam are required to wait a period of one year before re-taking the exam and re-applying to the BSN Program.

Transfer Nursing Students

The transfer nursing student applications will be accepted beginning January 1, 2015 through August 1, 2015 or until all seats are filled.   

Transfer students must:  

  • be officially admitted to the University of Charleston; 
  • pass the TEAS entrance exam with a composite score of 62%.. 
  • submit a letter of good academic and professional standing from the transfer nursing program director. 
  •  have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better on a 4.00 scale and a 2.75 GPA in nursing. 
  • have completed nursing courses with a “C” or better in science courses, nursing theory and a “C” or “P” or better in nursing labs or clinical.  
  • have completed standardized testing requirements within the accepted scoring level of the UC BSN program and submit copies of the results from standardized testing such as ATI, HESI, Kaplan, etc. 
  • submit official transcripts.   

Please note: The transferring nursing program must be accredited by a State Board of Registered Professional Nurses. To be transferred, all science and nursing classes have to be current and taken within the past five years. 

The BSN Department of Nursing reserves the right to evaluate all transfer credits.  Additional departmental testing may be required to determine student retention level and placement. The BSN faculty will assess competency levels for placement in the program.   

To be considered for admission, please submit the following documents in their entirety:  

  1. Official acceptance letter to the University of Charleston from the Admissions office; 
  2. BSN application; 
  3. Transcripts from all colleges/universities attended; 
  4. TEAS test results;  
  5. Submit a 250 word essay describing why you want to become a nurse. 
  6. Transfer nursing students: letter of good academic standing from nursing program director.    

Applications to the BSN program will not be processed until all documentation has been submitted to: 

BSN Administrative Assistant
University of Charleston
2300 MacCorkle Avenue, SE
Riggleman Hall 400
Charleston, WV 25304

After Admission:  Clinical Readiness Documents 

After official admission to the BSN program, the student must submit the following documents in entirety by August 1, 2013: 

  1. American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR Card.
  2. Negative PPD tuberculosis test result or chest x-ray result.
  3. Laboratory results for mumps, rubella, Rubeola,   Varicella, and Hepatitis B serum titers demonstrating immunity.  If any titer shows non-immunity then also submit evidence of receiving vaccination against that specific disease.  Students accepted with the initial vaccine in the series, who do not have titers indicating immunity, will be accepted conditionally.  Those conditionally admitted are expected to present evidence of continuing the series of vaccines required to establish immunity on schedule and subsequently to present the evidence of a titer confirming immunity.  Students who do not meet these continuing responsibilities are not eligible for clinical labs in the University’s collaborating agencies and thus cannot pass the nursing classes required.
  4. Verification of the DTaP Vaccination.
  5. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) if you are a student for whom English is a second language with a minimum score of 560.
  6. Certified background check from


  1. submit a copy of a current documented flu vaccination by October 1, 2014. 
  2. attend the annual BSN orientation to be held : August , 2014.  Actual date, time and location will be announced. 

If you have any questions or need to set up an appointment to discuss the BSN program, please contact Anita Diaz, Administrative Assistant at,, BSN Admission’s Counselor or, BSN Department Chair.

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