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Look Ma! No Mouse!

February 20, 2012

Well, okay…you might want to use the mouse sometimes, but did you know that you can select items on your Ribbon by using just the keyboard? If you tap the Alt key, boxed letters will appear on the Ribbon’s tabs, and boxed numbers will appear below each of the items on your Quick Access bar (at the very top on the left.)

For example, tap the Alt key, then type “H”. The home tab will open with all of the features sporting their own boxed letters.

Galleries—like the gallery of styles on the Home tab—have letters located on the scroll bar to their right. You can type "L" for Styles on the Home tab, and tap the appropriate letter to open the gallery, so you can navigate it with the arrow keys.

When you want to exit this mode and go back to the regular look, just tap the Alt key again.

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