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Use a Named Range in Your Formula

January 16, 2012

One major convenience of using a named range in your formula, instead of a set of cell addresses, is that the formula makes more sense to math challenged people (like me!). It is also easier to create formulas on different worksheets, like summary sheets.

  1. To name a range of cells, highlight the cells first, and then right click on the highlighted cells.
  2. From the drop down box, select Define Name, then type in a name and hit OK.
  3. Click in the cell which will contain the formula, and start typing the formula.
  4. Put your cursor at the point where you will insert the named range, then click the Formula tab.
  5. In the Defined Names group, click the little arrow next to Use in Formula, and then select the named range.
  6. Finish your formula and hit Enter.

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