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Student Testimonials

Current Students

“When I compare UC’s AT Program (classes, clinical hours, etc) with friends who are also AT majors at other schools, UC’s AT Program comes out way on top. I feel that UC’s AT Program will definitely prepare me and make me more marketable when applying to graduate schools.”
— Alex Stratton, Connecticut, Class of 2016 

“Every Preceptor is willing to help you become better.”
— Bethany Cera, Ohio, Class of 2015 

“The UC Athletic Training Program is a major that will allow you to grow and find yourself. The Athletic Trainers and teachers will do whatever necessary to help you discover your potential, professionally and personally.”
— Kayla Dozier, Georgia, Class of 2016 

“In the Athletic Training Program at the University of Charleston you will get the experience necessary for your future goals.”
— Cody Ryan, New York, Class of 2016 


“UC’s Athletic Training Program has prepared me for much more than a career, but for life!”
— Kevin Myers, Maryland, Class of 2014 

“The AT Program provides hands on learning with many different health care providers. Time spent both in the class and at clinicals has prepared me for working in the field and pursuing graduate school.”
— Jaimee Stanley, West Virginia, Class of 2014
   - Graduate School, West Virginia Wesleyan College, Buckhannon, WV

“UC was a great experience for me due to the small atmosphere. The professors have an open door policy so you don't feel like you get lost in the crowd. The AT professors really wanted to help the students and see us succeed. I do believe the program was a large challenge in my life, but they really try to help you grow in the profession and as a person.”
— Ally Ross, Class of 2011 

“UC’s athletic training program did an absolutely excellent job of preparing me for the BOC exam and for my experiences as an athletic trainer. I could not have chosen a better undergraduate program.”
— Damien Clement, Class of 2003
   - Assistant Professor – Sport and Exercise Psychology/Athletic Training, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

“This program is one of the most organized, well-balanced, and clinically diverse of any athletic training program I've been a part of. I can truly say I got a great education from UC, and was well-prepared to start my career. “
— David Yates, Class of 2011
   - Athletic Trainer, Capital High School/Dynamic Physical Therapy, Charleston, WV

“The small college atmosphere, the UC staff/faculty, and the Charleston, WV community were a perfect fit for me for my undergraduate education, and engaged my curiosity and work ethic to continue in my career and education. “
— Steve Clark, Class of 1999
   - Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer, Sports and Physical Therapy Associates, Boston, MA

“UC provided me with a medical background and skillset to interact with physicians and therapists in a professional setting”
— Matt Poulton, Class of 1996
   - Electrostim Medical Services, Atlanta, GA

“The clinical work provided real time, real life training that you cannot receive in the classroom. The clinical rotations helped to develop more than ATEP skills but also professionalism and communication skills vital in the professional world.”
— Emily Swisshelm, Class of 2007
   - Health and Wellness Coordinator, Cincinnati, OH