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Improved Document Search

October 17, 2011

Microsoft has improved Document Search to be more like an online search engine. Click Ctrl+F to open the Search window on the left side. Type what you’re looking for in the box at the top. You are instantly provided with short text excerpts from the document, providing you with the context that you need to make a decision. When you’ve located what you were looking for, click on the corresponding preview in the sidebar to be taken directly to that spot in the document. This is so helpful when you are working in large documents!

Improved Document Search 
This new search feature is much quicker than what was offered before, but you can still access the older menu by clicking on the magnifying glass in the empty Search Document box. This will present a drop-down menu that includes Options, Advanced Find, Replace and Go To (if you want to navigate directly to a specific page or other document element) At the bottom of the menu box, you can choose to search for Graphics, Tables, Equations, Footnotes and Endnotes and, finally, Comments.

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