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Clinical Education Experiences

The Athletic Training (AT) Program is a very dynamic and hands-on academic experience incorporating learning over time through classroom work that transcends to clinical education experiences.  These opportunities occur once a student is in the professional phase and has been formally admitted to the AT Program. 

The clinical education plan reinforces the sequence of formal instruction of AT knowledge, skills, and clinical abilities, including clinical decision-making and professional behaviors, by providing opportunities for authentic, real-time patient care.   AT Students gain clinical experiences through an assigned clinical rotation with a designated Preceptor at a clinical site.   Assigned clinical rotations, coupled with the academic progression, allow for increasing levels of clinical responsibility leading to autonomous practice within level of competency upon graduation.   Students will have direct supervision by a Preceptor, who is physically present and has the ability to intervene on behalf of the AT Student and patient/client.   A student must be instructed on clinical skills, either in a course, lab, or clinical situation, prior to performing those skills on a patient.  

Students have opportunities for clinical rotations with Athletic Trainers in numerous settings - on-campus varsity athletics, other universities, high schools, rehabilitation centers, and performance enhancement centers.  Students also have opportunities for clinical experiences and interprofessional  interaction with other health care professionals,  including physicians, surgeons, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors.  The variety of rotations allow the student to engage in the continuum of care that prepares a student to function in a variety of settings with patients engaged in a range of activities with conditions described in AT knowledge, skills, and clinical abilities.  

AT Students are assigned clinical rotations based on skill development, accreditation requirements, career goals, and clinical site/Preceptor availability. The assignment of clinical rotations is not based on sex, ethnicity, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation. 

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