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Mission & Outcomes

AT Program Mission

The mission of the Athletic Training Program is to educate each student on the integration of knowledge, skills, foundational behaviors, and community involvement in the Athletic Training profession.

AT Program Outcomes and Objectives

Outcome 1: Apply and critically examine a body of knowledge in athletic training and related fields.

1.1   Identify and explain theories and concepts related to athletic training practice and other related fields.

1.2   Demonstrate cumulative knowledge of theories and concepts related to athletic training and related fields.

1.3   Synthesize theories and concepts to demonstrate understanding of all domains of athletic training and related fields.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate clinical proficiency during patient/client interactions.

2.1   Apply appropriate clinical skills during patient/client interactions while maintaining a professional attitude.

2.2   Analyze information to make appropriate decisions. 

2.3   Synthesize information to develop and implement a comprehensive management plan.

Outcome 3: Demonstrate interprofessional collaborative practice in healthcare. 

3.1   Identify roles and responsibilities of athletic trainers in a variety of experiences.

3.2   Interact with health care professionals other than athletic trainers while demonstrating appropriate professional behaviors. 

3.3   Collaborate with health care professionals from multiple disciplines to provide appropriate patient care and develop appropriate interprofessional attitudes.  

Outcome 4: Demonstrate professional communication through verbal and written forms, including use of electronic formats. 

4.1   Develop skills necessary for verbal and written communication in a professional environment.

4.2   Prepare and disseminate information through verbal, written and visual formats in a professional environment.

4.3   Synthesize and evaluate information and present to a professional audience in written, verbal and visual formats that is organized, accurate and coherent. 

Outcome 5: Model foundational behaviors and attitudes that reflect the expectations of the profession and the community.

5.1   Identify foundational behaviors and attitudes of the athletic training profession and community.

5.2   Demonstrate an understanding of foundational behaviors and attitudes in the athletic training profession and community. 

5.3   Evaluate methods of modeling foundational behaviors and attitudes over time.

Athletic Training Outcomes 

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