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Choir Auditions


Regular Auditions

You must audition for the Concert Choir, but students should register before they audition. The audition is a simple one, and most (though not all) who attempt it are successful.

If you are really good and have the interest and time to perform with the best, you can also audition for the University Singers.

In the typical Concert Choir audition, the conductor will:

  1. Lead you through simple warmup-style vocalizations to determine the range and beauty of your voice and your ability to sing in tune.
  2. Clap rhythms and ask you echo them.
  3. Play short melodies and ask you to echo them on a neutral syllable.
  4. Listen to a prepared song you might wish to sing. This item is not required. We will discuss the choral program here at UC and answer questions as needed.

Talent Scholarship Auditions

Learn more about talent scholarships.