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Quick Parts

August 8, 2011

Quick Parts, or Building Blocks, as they were called in previous versions of Microsoft Office, are wonderfully handy elements to use in your Word documents to save time. You can use preinstalled text, or “blocks” which you have previously created.

To insert a Quick Part, click on the Insert tab and then, over in the Text section, click Quick Parts. You will see a dialog box that contains Autotext and previously saved “Blocks”. Scroll down to find the one you want. When you click on it, the text will be inserted into your document.

If you want to reuse text over and over, highlight it, click on the Insert tab, and go back to the Quick Parts feature. This time go down to the bottom where it says, “Save Selection to Quick Parts gallery”. Give this block a name and then click OK. The next time you have to type that text, save yourself time by inserting your block instead!

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