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Recover Deleted Appointments

August 1, 2011

Here is one I recently experienced. If you accidentally delete an appointment from your Outlook calendar, including all of the notes you may have made regarding the appointment, don’t worry. If you have not emptied your Deleted Items folder, it is still there.

  1. Click on your Deleted Items folder.
  2. Search for your name by clicking in the Search Deleted Items box at the top or by pressing Ctrl+ E. Type your name.
  3. You are looking for a calendar item, so make it easier to find by sorting by icon. On the column header bar above your list of deleted items, you will see a little icon about third from the left that looks like a little page with the corner bent down. Click on this icon and all of your deleted items will rearrange with all of the deleted Calendar appointments at the top. (They look like tiny calendars.)
  4. Your deleted appointment should be here.
  5. Drag it over to your Calendar folder and you are back in business!

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