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Overview of Program

The Athletic Training (AT) Program is a very dynamic and hands-on academic experience incorporating learning over time through classroom work that transcends to clinical experiences.   The wide variety of clinical education experiences provides students with a broad foundation of knowledge, which can lead to increased employment and graduate school opportunities.  Students can tailor their undergraduate preparation for employment settings and to seek entrance into graduate school program such as post-professional athletic training, sports psychology, exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, adult fitness, physical therapy, physician assistant programs, occupational therapy, and medicine.

Students have hands-on clinical experiences with athletic trainers in numerous locations - on-campus varsity athletics, other universities, high school, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, physician offices, and performance enhancement centers.  Students also have opportunities for clinical experiences with other health care professionals,  including physicians, surgeons, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors.

Faculty in our department also work clinically with UC athletes.   AT Students learn the information in the classroom from the same faculty, who can then guide the student during clinical experiences in the application and integration of knowledge and skill in a real world setting.  Students are also engaged in the program from the first year at UC – taking Athletic Training courses and completing clinical observation hours.  Clinical education experiences allow the student to be engaged in the application of knowledge and skills in a variety of settings during their time at UC.  In the last semester of the program a student is eligible to take the Boards of Certification (BOC) examination to become a Certified Athletic Trainer.

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