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Navigating the Internet

July 18, 2011

Here is a quick and easy way to get back through the websites that you have visited – just press the Backspace key. How simple is that?

Alt+Left arrow key also works for Back, and Alt+Right arrow key for forward. (If you are using a Mac, substitute the Option key for the Alt key.)

On “brand-name” Web sites like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, and, yes, even the University of Charleston Web site, just click on the logo in the upper left corner to get back to the home page. (If you are in Campus Cruiser, doing this will send you to the UC Web site home page.)

You can press ALT+D to highlight the Address bar at the top of your Web browser. Without touching your mouse, start typing in the address you want. And….

You don’t have to type the http://www. Just type the main site name, “” or, for example. In Safari or Mozilla, you can even omit the “.com”.

Instead of scrolling down long Web pages, tap the Space bar. Go back up using Shift+Space bar. (Of course, there are always the Page Up/Page Down keys!)


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