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Get Geeky – Use Two Monitors!

April 18, 2011

I love having two monitors! I usually have more than one program open, hopping between the two like a frog on a lily pad. If you think that you could work more easily with two monitors, but don’t know how to set them up, here’s how:

  1. Before you get that extra monitor, make sure that you have a port for it. Look on the back of your computer (or laptop dock) for a plug in that looks like this: Monitor Port 
  2. Attach your monitor to this port and plug in the power outlet.
  3. Turn on the monitor.
  4. Next, enable the Dualview feature:
    • Right-click on the desktop and then select Properties.
    • In the Display Properties dialog box, click the Settings tab.
    • In the Display list, click Multiple Monitors.
    • Check the box next to “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor”.
    • Click the Identify button. You will see 2 large numbers that identify the primary monitor and the new secondary one. Drag the numbers to match the physical setup of the monitors.
    • Click OK.
  5. To be able to drag a screen over on to the other monitor, be sure to click the Downsize button (up in the top right corner) first.

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