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April 25, 2011

I am sure you all have used the Spelling & Grammar checker at some point, but what about Word’s Thesaurus and Research features? Or the Dictionary? You will find these to be valuable writing tools!


  • A good way to find a synonym for a word is to right click on it, scroll down to Synonyms and select one from the list. (Sometimes you have to change the word to its singular form or present tense to make this work correctly.) Or
  • Click Review and in the Proofing section, click on the Thesaurus button. (You can also get there by right-clicking on the word, choosing Synonyms, and clicking the Thesaurus button at the bottom.) The Research pane opens at the right. Notice that you have the choice of selecting which reference to use.


  • Right click on the word, scroll down to Look Up, and then choose which reference source you want to use. The Research pane opens and you can read the definitions or choose another source.


  • Highlight your word or phrase, click the Review tab and then the Research button in the Proofing section. 
  • You can select your references source and find out more.

Another thing you can do while you are in the Research pane is Translation! (You might have to install the language to Word to do this, but that is another tip, another time!)



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