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Get the Page Numbers Right

January 24, 2011

There are times when you might want the page numbering in your Word document to begin at number 1 on, say, the third page. But, it keeps numbering the first two pages, too, or you can’t get it to start at 1 instead of 3. And, if you delete the numbers on the first two pages, the numbers disappear from where you wanted them! Aaarrggh!

  1. Okay, breathe slowly! Now….Insert a Section Break to solve your problem. Section Breaks allow you to change the formatting from the previous section.
  2. Insert a Section Break at the end of the page just prior to the page on which the numbers will begin. (Page Layout tab/Page Setup Group/Breaks/Section Break/Next Page)
  3. Go to the footer of the first page that you want page numbers on. On the ribbon, you will see that "Linked to Previous" is highlighted. Click it so that it isn't highlighted.
  4. Now insert your page number. (INSERT; don’t type it in!)
  5. You may have to highlight it and then format it to start at 1. (When you click on the footer, the Header and Footer Tools tab appears at the top of your screen. If you aren't already there, click on the Design tab/Header & Footer group, and then click the little tiny arrow next to Page Number. This will open up the Format Page Number box, where you can set what number to start at.)
  6. If you have any numbers that you don’t want on the previous pages just delete them. That is a separate section now, so it won't affect the numbered section.

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