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Remove Duplicate Data in Excel

February 21, 2011

Depending on how data is entered or obtained from an external source, it is quite possible that rows with duplicate, or mostly duplicate, data could appear in your Excel worksheet. While manually removing duplicate rows in a small worksheet is not much trouble, doing so in a large worksheet would very time-consuming and be prone to errors.

To solve the problem, Excel has a tool that can clear duplicate data with just a few mouse clicks. Follow these directions:

  1. Select the data that may contain duplicates.
  2. Click the "Data" tab in the Ribbon.
  3. Click "Remove Duplicates" in the "Data Tools" section.
  4. The "Remove Duplicates" dialog box appears. From here, check or uncheck boxes related to columns that you wish to use to check for duplicates. 
  5. Click "OK" to close the "Remove Duplicates" dialog box.
  6. Excel will display a dialog box showing how many duplicates were found and how many remain. Click "OK" once you have read the information.

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