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Graduation & Certification

Teacher candidate must follow all University requirements in application for graduation and certification.

  1. Candidates are recommended for graduation from the University with a degree in teacher education when they have met the following requirements:
    1. Successfully completed prescribed teaching curricula with a minimum of 120 semester hours.
    2. Completed and passed the appropriate PRAXIS II Content Specialization Test(s) and the Principles of Learning and Teaching Test (not required for non-certification degrees).
    3. Filed a formal application for graduation, on time, with the registrar.
    4. Earned a minimum grade of “C” in all required courses in content specialization(s), professional education, and University mandated courses.
    5. Earned a minimum overall GPA of 2.75 for certification area degrees.
    6. Earned a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 for non-certification degrees.
    7. Completed all required field experiences and assignments in a variety of schools (e.g., diverse, low SES) with passing grades.
    8. Fulfilled all other University requirements.
  2. Candidates are recommended for teacher certification when they also have:
    1. Successfully completed a university-approved, supervised semester-long student-teaching experience (or internship if earning a non-certification degree) in each content specialization and programmatic level for which certification is desired.
    2. Completed and filed with the Department of Education’s administrative assistant an application for West Virginia teacher certification, even if they do not plan to teach in West Virginia. An FBI Background Check/Criminal History Check Supplemental Form, which includes a fingerprint card completed by an authorized official, is considered part of the application. A fee of $70 includes $45 for the background investigation, and a $25 processing fee. Checks should be made out to West Virginia Department of Education. (These fees are subject to change.)
        For more information, see the West Virginia Department of Education website.
    3. Successfully completed and filed passing scores for the PRAXIS II: Specialty Area Test(s) (Subject Assessments) and Principles of Learning and Teaching Test(s) appropriate to their certification field(s) and programmatic level(s) (not required for non-certification degrees).
    4. Obtained signature from the Chair of the Education Department indicating that applicant is of “good moral character and physically, mentally, and emotionally qualified to perform the duties of an educator.”
  3. A second FBI background check will be conducted by the WV Department of Education before teacher candidates are certified to teach. Candidates who have been convicted of crimes or offenses that would seriously impact their suitability for teaching, guiding, and mentoring youth should confer immediately with the Chair of the Education Department (not required for non-certification degrees).

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