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Elementary Education/Special Education

The Elementary Education/Special Education double major is optional and provides the student with additional certification in multi-categorical special education. Special education certification provides students with the ability to be more marketable in the field of education. Using the knowledge and skills to create developmentally and ability appropriate educational environments, students reduce barriers to learning and provide appropriate supports for all learners. The student acquires methods and strategies to accommodate the needs of diverse learners through adaptations, modifications, and appropriate assessment.

Students desiring to add the Special Education certification to their program must complete the courses below.

Required Courses for Special Education Certification

Course Title Credits
EDUC 330 Positive Behavioral Support 3
EDUC 340 Collaboration in the Schools 3
EDUC 360 High Incidence Disabilities  3
EDUC 420* Seminar in Special Education 2
EDUC 422 Student Teaching in Special Education 6
EDUC 496 Seminar in the Content Areas 2
EDUC 497 Student Teaching in the Content Areas 6

*EDUC 420 is taken in conjunction with EDUC 422