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Warm Transfer Program

FACULTY AND STAFF: If a student comes to your office for assistance/asks you a question and you can't help them you should do the following:

  1. Tell the student the “specific person” they should contact in that department
  2. While the student is still in your office, call the person that the student needs to meet with and see if they are available to meet with the student at that time or help to set-up a meeting
    • When calling the new resource person, explain the student's problem, so that the student doesn't have to repeat the whole story to the new person when they arrive at their office
  3. Give the student that person’s phone number, email address, and office number before they leave your office
  4. If the student is unsure of how to navigate campus, please walk the student over to that office
    • If you end up walking the student over to the department, introduce the student to the new resource person

If a student sends you an email and you are unable to answer their question:

  1. 1. Email the student the specific person they should contact and provide contact information
    • Email address
    • Phone number
  2. Forward this email to the correct point of contact
  3. Let the student know you have forwarded their email and that the correct person will be responding to them shortly
  4. In closing to student, let them know if they did not need get a response within 48 hours to please contact you again and you will assist them.