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Student Organization Event Request Form

This form is to be completed for any organization wishing to hold an EVENT on or off campus (excluding meetings). This form must be completed and approved by the Director of Student Involvement at least 10 business days prior to the event. All activities should be consistent with the university standards and policies as well as the mission/purpose of your organization. Events are not confirmed until this ENTIRE form is completed, returned and approved by the Coordinator of Student Programs. You will receive an e-mail notification of approval. 

Read the guidelines that must be used by organizations when hosting a social event.

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Organization/Contact Information


Name of Organization 


Contact Name 


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Contact Email 


Advisor Name 


Advisor Phone 


Advisor Email 


Event Information 


Name of Event 


Date of Event 

  please enter in the following format:   MM/DD/YYYY e.g. 03/06/2012 



Alternate Location 


Set Up Time 


Start Time 


Clean Up Time 


End Time 


Event Type 


Description of Event 



Name of Officer Responsible for event 




Attendance Type 

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Estimated Number Attending 


What type of food will be provided? 


Will alcohol be present at event? 


If yes, how will you prevent underage drinking?



How will persons of legal drinking age be identified?



Certificate of Insurance for the organization and/or venue must be on file in the Office of Student Life. 


Does your organization hold liability insurance? 


(It may be necessary for your organization to purchase liability insurance depending on the event. Please check with the Coordinator of Student Programs.)

Will you need security? 


If so, what is name of security hired?


If so,how many hired?


Are you traveling? 


 If you are traveling please fill out a Trip Agreement Form for those who will be traveling and return it to the Coordinator of Student Programs containing all names of those traveling with the group, if the advisor will or will not be joining the group, and emergency contact information for each individual.

Transportation provided by


I have read and understand Student Organizations Rights and Responsibilities, in regards to scheduling of off campus events, as outlined in the University of Charleston Student Organization Handbook. I also certify that the information on this form is accurate and as host(s) accept responsibility for this event. I understand there will be consequences for providing false and/or misleading information on this form. I understand the host organization is responsible for ensuring the safety of its members and guests. I also understand that I must be in attendance at the event. If I am unable to attend, I will appoint another member as the official representative. I will notify the Coordinator of Student Programs of any changes in the plans for the event including cancellation of event.

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These guidelines must be used by organizations when hosting a social event…

  1. An Event Request form must be completed and returned to the Office of Student Life at least 10 business days prior to event. 
  2. The total number of persons present may not exceed three times the membership of one host organization or 100, whichever is greater. Exceptions must be approved by the Coordinator of Student Programs or his/her designee at least 72 hours prior to the beginning of the event.
  3. To host an event with alcohol, at least 50% of the active membership of the student organization must be 21 or older. 
  4. It is illegal for persons under the age of 21 to consume alcohol. The student organization, as host of the event, is responsible for ensuring that only persons 21 years of age or older consume alcoholic beverages.
  5. The host organization is responsible for taking steps necessary to prevent uninvited guests and noticeably intoxicated people from entering the event; to prevent underage persons from bringing alcohol into the event; to prevent persons from leaving the event to drink, then being readmitted to the event; and to make certain individuals do not leave the event with open containers of alcohol. 
  6. All entrances and exits to the event must be monitored at all times. If a student is given this responsibility, he/she must be a fully initiated member of the host organization. The persons monitoring the entrances and exits are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the event. 
  7. Glass bottles are strictly prohibited at any social event. Exceptions must be approved by the Coordinator of Student Programs or his/her designee at least 72 hours in advance of the event. 
  8. The host organization is responsible for ensuring that a safe means of transportation is available for its members and guests such as cabs or designated drivers. 
  9. All areas surrounding the location of the event must be cleaned by the host organization immediately following the close of the event. 
  10. Be advised that registration of an event does not constitute permission to allow noise levels or traffic to become a public nuisance. The event host is responsible for preventing the event from becoming a public nuisance.
  11. Social activities or gatherings, planned or unplanned, should not be held during summer orientation/registration sessions or finals week.

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